Dwight and Kristi, owners Kroffat Brake & Wheel Ltd.

Dwight and Kristi, owners Kroffat Brake & Wheel Ltd.

Remember the first time you were on a West Jet flight? I do: it was such a different experience than other airlines! The staff were casual and fun, they even told jokes, the captain would be sarcastic on the intercom, and yet somehow, I still felt safe and like all was being done professionally. I often dread traveling by air, but once I started flying West Jet, I (almost) looked forward to flying. I remember thinking "this is how it should be!"

That is the feeling we want you to have when they meet us at Kroffat Brake and Wheel. We like to think we are the perfect amount of casual and fun, and put a lot of effort in being approachable, understandable and empathetic. It really sucks when you car breaks down, and paying for maintenance barely feels better, either; but it is a reality of needing a vehicle. We all know it is expensive to keep our cars moving, so we like to focus on keeping you comfortable and informed when your vehicle is at our shop. Not everybody has the same budget or expectation for their vehicle. You can count on Dwight to listen and look after you and your vehicle just the way you expect.

We truly feel like we are like no other shop in the valley: Our customers are our friends, and our friends are our customers. 

Dwight (that is me writing in the third person, how awkward!) Anyway, I have been working in shops for 30 years.  I finished my apprenticeship under my father and fixing things is in my blood.  Ironically, I am not actually a "car guy". I ride my bicycle to work as much as possible and spend my recreation time paddling the Cowichan River with the VCKC or playing Ultimate Frisbee with the Cowichan Carrots , bike touring with Kristi or running and hiking in the woods. So, although cars and trucks are not my hobby, I take my profession very seriously and I am really proud of my trade and my skills. 

Sandy has been a certified technician for an undisclosed amount of years (I wouldn't want to give away his age!), and has been with Kroffat for 13 years. Sandy has been racing cars and motorcycles for his entire life on Vancouver Island.

Kristi (co owner and helper extraordinaire) is a school teacher in the District 79 and is essential behind the scenes and puts a lot of effort into our office and waiting room. We would be nothing without her!

Complete automotive repairs with a smile!