The importance of oil changes...


I was out in the trails with my running partner: Ron from Shawnigan Garage, and we were talking about oil change intervals.  This is such a confusing topic for vehicle owners.  Here is my take: most modern vehicles have maintenance monitors to warn you when it is time to get serviced. Just trust the computer. I hate to say that, and I don't say it often, but the manufacturer put a lot of R&D into that system, and it works. Now, be sure to check your oil, as modern engines actually consume engine oil as a result of engineers reducing internal friction, but that is a topic for another day. 

If your vehicle does not have a maintenance monitor, we will put a decal for 8,000 kms on your window, generally. There are exception, of course: Subaru 2.5 h4 engines and diesel engines, but ask me about that when you come in if it applies to you. 


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